Bariatric (Weight Loss) Surgery

Bariatric (Weight loss) surgery is becoming increasingly popular. Obsity surgery can be extremely successful in achieving a dramatic weight loss in patients who have been suffering with obesity. Statistics suggest that 40% of men and 30% of women in the UK are overweight.

Weight loss following bariatric (weight loss) surgery often results in large amounts of loose or excess skin. This can be very distressing, makes you self-conscious, limits your choice of clothing and defeats the prime objective of bariatric surgery in achieving better self-esteem, confidence and healthier way of living.

Cosmetic surgery compliments weight loss surgery in helping to reshape your body, restores your self esteem, makes you feel better about yourself and increases your self confidence. The excess, loose, overhanging skin can be treated by a number of operations including breats uplift, tummy tuck, arm lift, leg lift and buttock lift.

Professor Fahmy will advise you on the most appropriate procedure or procedures and will discuss your options carefully before going ahead with surgery.

These procedures are different to those performed on non-weight-loss surgery patients and require specialist surgeons. The surgery may need to be tailored depending on the initial weight loss surgery that you have had.

The information provided gives you a basic understanding of the surgery. This website provides guidance and is not intended to be a substitute for a surgical consultation with Professor Fahmy in Shropshire, Chester, Cheshire or Wrexham, North Wales and Mid Wales.

For any enquiries, you can email Professor Fahmy on or contact his secretary on 0794 951 5013. Your consultation will be directly with Professor Fahmy and the treatment will be performed by himself at the hospital of your choice at Abergele clinics, Grosvenor Nuffield Hospital, Chester - Cheshire or Spire Yale Hospital, Wrexham - Wales. It is always advisable to bring a friend or a relative during your consultation, as it may further assist you in any questions you may have.