Penile Enlargement/Enhancement



Throughout history the penis has always been regarded
as a symbol of masculinity, hence penile size and shape
are frequently a source of anxiety for many men.

Many men consciously or subconsciously define their
identity and personality through their penis, with the
view  that “bigger is better”. Media and Internet never
cease to reinforce this belief. 

The question of what is considered a “normal penis”
remains controversial. There is no scientific consensus
and no standardization, but for practical purposes the
average flaccid un-stretched penis is generally
9.0-9.5cm.  It increases to an average erect length of
about 12.5-14.5cm and an average erect girth
(measured around the mid shaft) of about 10-10.5cm. 

Only a very small number of men suffer from what is
termed a “micropenis”, which is a congenital or acquired
condition that results in an abnormally short penis. In
some men diseases such as prostate cancer, pelvic or
genital surgery, 

Peyronie’s disease, lichen sclerosus, penile cancer
or trauma can result in penile shortening. This can be
associated with functional and psychological problems.

Penile size and shape are often a very sensitive topic
amongst men. Though the majority of men fall within
the “normal” size range, concerns regarding penile
size and girth can cause low self-esteem, sexual
dysfunction, depression and psychiatric disorders. 

Penis enlargement has become the most sought after
aesthetic medical treatment for men. This is not surprising
as 45% of men report that they are dissatisfied with their
penis size.

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There is a lot of conflicting information regarding
penile enhancement: today, advertisements boast
huge penis size resulting form an array of methods
ranging from pills, pumps, penis extenders, natural
techniques, chemical enlargement, surgery,
implants, girth injections, platelet rich plasma
injections carried out by doctors, self-proclaimed
experts and anonymous internet forums. What are
the techniques that really work? What is feasible
and what methods are simply a waste of time and

While pills, creams and other medicinal products
do not work; surgical penis enlargement as well
as non-surgical enhancements options in the hand
of experienced surgeons can offer significant gain
in penile length and girth.

If you are interested in exploring the various options
of penile enhancement surgery, please feel free to
request a confidential consultation with Mr Fahmy
or Mr Seipp. We are looking forward to discuss your
expectations and explain possible treatment options
in detail.

The costs for your treatment will depend on individual
circumstances and the chosen surgical techniques.
We will be able to quote exact figures after a detailed
non-binding consultation with one of our surgeons.



Mr F. Fahmy FRCSI(Plast)
Consultant Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeon 


Mr C.Seipp MD PhD
Consultant Urological Surgeon 



Combining state of the art aesthetic surgery and urology, we offer the most advanced treatments in penile
sthetic and functional surgery applying up-to-date medical research and technological developments
in uro-genital surgery and andrological treatments.

In addition to the individual medical excellence, you will benefit from the combined expertise of two
consultants who will endeavor to provide you with the best possible treatment. 

Your consultation will be with Professor Fahmy & Mr Seipp directly and the surgery will be performed by himself at the hospital of your choice at Spire Hospitals, Abergele consulting rooms, Pulford Medical Centre, Chester (Cheshire) or Spire Yale Hospital, Wrexham (Wales).

Please feel free to arrange a private and entirely confidential consultation to discuss your individual concerns

Clinics/Consultations are held at:

SPIRE Yale Hospital, Wrexham Technology Park, Croesnewydd Road, Wrexham, LL13 7YP - Tel: 07949 515 013