Split Earlobe

Split ear lobe is a fairly common problem whether one side or both sides. This usually results from long term effect of heavy ear rings or as a direct effect of pull on the ear lobe. The split of the ear lobe whether complete or partial, can be easily corrected under a local (you are awake) or a general (you are asleep) anaesthetic, as a day case (in and out same day). Total symmetry is not always possible. The scar in a small number of cases can be red and lumpy, depending on the individual healing. Generally speaking, the scar heals very well and is easily concealed.






The information provided gives you a basic understanding of the split ear procedure but it may not answer all your questions, a lot depends on your individual circumstances. This website provides guidance and is not intended to be a substitute for a surgical consultation with Mr Fahmy in Shropshire, Chester, Cheshire or Wrexham, North Wales and Mid Wales.

For any enquiries, you can email Professor Fahmy on info@cosmeticplastic.co.uk Your consultation will be directly with Professor Fahmy and the treatment will be performed by himself at the hospital of your choice either Pulford Medical Centre,Chester (Cheshire) or Spire Yale Hospital, Abergele & Wrexham (Wales). It is always advisable to bring a friend or a relative during your consultation, as it may further assist you in any questions you may have.