Frequently Asked Questions

Breast Enlargement (Enhancement, Augmentation & Implants): Does it affect my ability to feel/detect breast lumps?

No, breast implants are inserted deep to the breast tissue or deep to muscle. It should not affect your ability to feel for or detect lumps. Prior to having mammograms, you would need to mention to the radiographer that you have implants.

Breast Enlargement (Enhancement, Augmentation & Implants): Are the Breast Implants Safe?

This has been searched extensively in the past and studies confirm the safety of breast implants. Breast enlargement (augmentation, enhancement) is the most common operation in cosmetic surgery.

Breast Enlargement (Enhancement, Augmentation & Implants): Breast Implants and Risk of Lymphoma ALCL?

Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (ALCL) is a rare type of immune system cell cancer. 3 in 100 million/year in the USA diagnosed with ALCL in the breast. It is estimated that between 5 &10 million women have breast implants. Since the initial MHRA medical device alert in the UK in 2011 only three cases of Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (ALCL) have been reported. 

ALCL is a lymphoma (cancer of the immune system) and not cancer of the breast tissue. When breast implants are placed in the body, a fibrous scar called a capsule develops around the implant, separating it from the rest of the breast. In women with breast implants, the ALCL was generally found adjacent to the implant itself and contained within the fibrous capsule. The most recent clinical studies state that it is not possible to confirm with any certainty whether breast implants have any relation to an increased likelihood of developing Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (ALCL), and particularly whether any one type of implant can create a higher or lower risk than another of developing the disease.

It should be noted that ALCL is extremely rare and treatable. The MHRA advises no change to current practice and patients should be advised that ALCL is a very rare condition.

It is advisable that any women with breast implants who experience any sudden unexplained changes, lumps or swelling or increase in size should speak to their GP or their surgeon.

Breast Enlargement (Enhancement, Augmentation
& Implants): Can I feel the implants?

Initially implants can feel firm, then they soften up over a period of few weeks. Patients can sometimes feel the edge of their implants, depending on how slim they are, the size and the position of the implants. Generally speaking, implants feel very natural and sometimes the difference in the feel is hardly noticeable compared to non-augmented breasts.

Breast Enlargement (Enhancement, Augmentation & Implants): Can l lie on my front?

Yes, however this may take few weeks until you feel comfortable and confident to do this. Implants become part of you and you hardly have to think about them or take any special precautions after the first few weeks.

Breast Enlargement (Enhancement, Augmentation & Implants): Can I fly, having had Implants?

Certainly, this has no effect on implants whatsoever. The breast size will not be affected at all during flying.

Breast Enlargement (Enhancement, Implants & Augmentation): Can I go to gym/swim?

Yes, after the first 6 weeks, you can resume normal full daily routine activities.

Breast Enlargement (Enhancement, Implants &Augmentation): Is there any warranty on the implants?

Yes, there is a life-time warranty in case of implant rupture. You will only be charged for the replacement surgery, excluding the implant cost, in case of rupture.

Can I have more than 1 procedure (operation) at the same time?

Generally speaking, yes. More than 1 procedure can be performed at the same time. This has the advantage of one recovery period and is usually more cost effective. The procedures that can be done at the same time are dependent on the type of surgery you are considering, the surgery time involved in that and your general health.

Does the age affect the decision for surgery?

Generally speaking, no. Your general health, suitability of the surgery you are requesting and understanding the surgical limitations tend to influence the decision-making rather than the age. Young children and patients over 75 years old have had cosmetic surgery.

The information provided gives you a basic understanding of the breast enlargement (augmentation, enhancement, implants) procedure but it may not answer all your questions, a lot depends on your individual circumstances. This website provides guidance and is not intended to be a substitute for a surgical consultation with Professor Fahmy in Shropshire, Chester, Cheshire or Wrexham, North Wales and Mid Wales.

For any enquiries, you can email Professor Fahmy on . Your consultation will be directly with Professor Fahmy and the treatment will be performed by himself at the hospital of your choice either Pulford Medical Centre, Chester (Cheshire) or Spire Yale Hospital, Wrexham (Wales). It is always advisable to bring a friend or a relative during your consultation, as it may further assist you in any questions you may have.